Home Essentials Kit
from doTERRA

The Home Essentials Kit is the best start for those who want to make essential oils a part of their lifestyle and daily routines. It contains ten different oils with many interesting uses and properties. You also get the diffuser, which is a must in my opinion. Most people start with the Home Essentials Kit and that is not a coincidence. It contains the best "all-round" oils that make it easy and fun to get implement some good and easy routines in your everyday life.

There is also plenty of training material on the Home Essentials Kit. Whether you want to replace your detergents with natural solutions, lift your energy, improve your sleep or maybe your indoor climate, master stress better, balance your intestine or use oils in cooking, you'll find something in the Home Essentials Kit for your needs. Read more about the package's content, price and order below.

What are the benefits of beeing a member of the Urban Essentials team?

It does matter which team you join dōTERRA. You can purchase the Home Essentials Kit from many people, but what matters is the training and education you get along the way. With us you get access to our closed Facebook group for members, where there are plenty of tutorial videos, training materials and a bunch of oil enthusiasts you can ask for advice or share experiences with. We call it our little oil community!

The Urban Essentials team focuses on a good physical and emotional health. Natural lifestyle, reducing toxins and use essential oils as active tools for a better everyday life. We also have a big focus on developing ourselves as a human beings and develop a better contact with oursef, our own body and mother earth herself.

It's all about taking responsibility for our own physical and emotional health, with essential oils as an effective and natural tool, as simple as that!


Content and price

The package contains ten essential oils and the Petal diffuser. The oils are Deep Blue, Breathe, DigestZen, OnGuard, Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Melaleuca, Oregano and Peppermint. You may read more about each oil in the pictures below.

The price is 290EUR and you get an incredible value for your investment! Should you buy all the oils and the diffuser sererately, the kit would costs approx. 370EUR as a dōTERRA member or approx. 500EUR as a non-membera . The price includes shipping, VAT, customs and membership in dōTERRA. This gives you access to the membership prices that are 25% of the retail price. There is no puchase or commitmen obligations and no surprises!

March campaign!

In March, you have the opportunity to get Blue Tansy for FREE. This oil has a value of 130 EUR, and is the oil of inspired action! Everyone who buys their first Home Essentials Kit before March 31st gets Blue Tansy for free, you can hardly get a better start on a natural lifestyle than this!

Blue Tansy:         

  • Good for wounded or damaged skin as it is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.         

  • Are you one of those who postpone every task you’re supposed to do? Whether it's redecorating at home, getting started on gardening, clearing the booth, doing the boring tasks at work or whatever it is - Blue Tansy is the oil for you!         

  • A super oil to get started with all your plans for the spring, as it is the oil of inspired action. Let’s end all postponing and self-sabotage, which again steals and drains our energy!         

  • The oil for those who are the entrepreneur or work for themself, as it helps you manifest your passion and create action around your dreams!         

  • In the diffuser, it has an uplifting effect and creates a positive atmosphere!


How to order the Home Essentials Kit:

  1. Klick this link: https://www.mydoterra.com/iselinlarsen/#/

  2. Choose Join & Save.

  3. Scroll down og choose Join doTERRA.

  4. Choose English (Europe), Europe and your selected country.

  5. Tick the Wholesale Customer box.

  6. Fill inn all your personal information and choose your own password (NB: Tomezone is Brussel for most countries)

  7. Enroller ID must be 5589007. Klick verify to make sure it says Iselin Larsen.

  8. When you arrive at the shopping cart, scroll right at the different kits until you find the Home Essentias Kit (EU Plug and 224,50 PV).

  9. Blue Tansy will be shipped automatically with your package, and the price includes everything - memebership, shipping and taxes.

  10. Go to the next page for payment. When the payment is ok you will receive a confirmation e-mail from dōTERRA. Then I will also send you a welcome e-mail with links to the books and Facebook pages!

Once you have registered, we will send you a welcome e-mail with all the necessary information for you to get a good start with your new oils. Send an email to iselin@urbanessentialsoslo.no if you need help with the registration!

We look forward to welcoming you to our oil community <3